What is Disrespect Costing your Firm?

At the level of respect all people are equal!
Respect changes all things.

Disrespect shows up in many forms:
* Bad attitudes,
* Cultural issues,
* Diversity conflict, 
* Personality clashes,
*Mis-communication ,

* Poor teamwork,
* and Lost Sales!

How can you lead or profit, when your team does not respect, or understand each other – or their clients?

We can fix that for you. We have done so for many firms and organisations, since 1995.

Our clients include …

African Rainbow Minerals, Assmang Chrome and Manganese, Eskom Distribution, FNB, LETCEE, Interwaste – KZN, Namdeb Diamond Mines – Namibia, Nedbank, Peermont Group, Rockwell Diamonds, Rooibos Ltd, Standard Bank, Synexus Stanza, Tanker Services, UCT, U-KZN, World Courier, US Consul General – Durban, and much more.

We love the work that we do. We are passionate about making a difference. 

We have transformed teams from totally opposite ideologies and histories, where anger, separation, back stabbing and racism were the order of the day. This means we can quickly make a real change in your workplace. 

If your team members have little respect and cannot work together then all of you suffer.  Let’s fix that.

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