Diversity Issues Can be the Root of your Workplace Challenges!

What is Disrespect Costing your Firm?

Disrespect shows up in many forms:

* Bad Attitudes,
* Cultural Issues,
* Diversity conflict,
* Emotional Challenges

* Personality Clashes,
*Mis-communication ,

* Poor Teamwork,
* Prejudice,
* and Lost Sales!

How can you lead or profit, when your team does not respect, or understand each other – or their clients?

If your team members  have little respect and cannot work together then all of you suffer.  We can fix that for you. We have done so for many firms and organisations, since 1995.

Yes! We have transformed teams from totally opposite ideologies

Diversity Workshops

and histories, where anger, separation, back stabbing, personality clashes and racism were the order of the day.

This means we can quickly make a real change in your workplace.

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Brian’s clients have included …

Auto-X, African Rainbow Minerals, Assmang Chrome and Manganese, Eskom Distribution, FNB, LETCEE, Interwaste – KZN, Namdeb Diamond Mines – Namibia, Nedbank, Peermont Group, Rockwell Diamonds, Rooibos Ltd, Standard Bank, Synexus Stanza, Tanker Services, UCT, U-KZN, World Courier, US Consul General – Durban, and many more.

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(We love the work that we do. We are passionate about making a difference. )

Diversity Training Facilitators
Brian Moore and Arthie Moore Facilitating.

(Mustaffa) Professional, well-versed are only a few words to describe the facilitators. Their knowledge about diversity just stretched beyond what was shared with us. A program that will change communities and relationships for ever.

(Karen Veenendaal) What an amazing

Diversity Training Workshop
Celebrating Humanity!

session! I have always been indifferent to this kind of corporate training, but I have officially been converted not by diversity training but by people like Arthie and Brian.

I have never been made to feel like we individually could help bring about change in such a huge organisation. I loved how every single person was allowed

Diversity Team Building

an opportunity to display their strengths. I have learned more about the people I’ve worked with for seven years, in one day. #Winning. You guys are an inspiration, the world is a better place with y#DiversityTrainingou.

Diversity Sensitivity

(Anon) I am a  postgraduate B Soc SC Humanities student from UCT. Hence many of the concepts I’ve been exposed to previously at a theoretical level. This course is simplified these and made easily applicable to people from all walks of life. It is important as we live in this global village and thinking globally while acting locally is important.

DIversity Teambuilding Workshop

(Naz). This program is mainly how to see and understand things and people differently its open-minded, don’t be afraid to ask questions if you clear instructions. Have more patience with yourself and others stop learn to respect others and the culture.

Diversity Training Rules

(Shahieda Davids.) This program has opened my eyes to many other cultures. Greetings to body language. There are so many other cultures that we are not exposed to, we don’t realise how diverse our country really is respect plays a big role when communicating. When you think you are respectful, you actually offend.
This could break a relationship at work or home. Now Diversity Training guidelinesthat I know what to look for, I will surely make the effort. I’m sure it will make the difference. Our country has some light shining at the end.

(Paul Smith.) This diversity training program makes one look at people

Diversity Communication

differently and helps one understand the differences in people where they come from and why they behave in certain ways is informative, interactive and great fun!



Unite your teams through unique, fun & exciting diversity training