A Huge Diversity Team building experience, in Namibia!

Our wonderful Namibian sojourn.

A Huge Transformational Diversity Team building experience, in Paradise!

As we sit here, in our office, at our stunning new Namibian kiaat boardroom table, we can see an aerial photo of Oranjemund on the wall.

In the photo, the mist is sneaking in from the Atlantic ocean towardsGemsbok Oranje the village, it is already covering the shores of South Africa and Namibia and the huge mouth of the Orange river.

Although we can’t see them in the photo, we know that the wild Gemsbok stroll through the town and across the golf course, and the pink flamingos line the Orange river estuary. It is here at certain times of the year that the fishing is excellent.

Somewhere in the town Oom Willie is making another half-length VW Bug! And Eloolos is delivering another wonderful Chicken Liver Peri-Peri pizza.

Within the Oranjemund, the quality of life for all people, in particular for children, is outstanding. Small children roam the streets on their bicycles, and the town is practically crime-free.

If I were looking for a place to settle and to build a career, I would apply for a position there. Freedom is something which cannot be bought at any price! Add freedom to an amazing primary school, a wonderful private hospital, stunning sports facilities and a wonderful country!

Beyond the village our clients and friends are working to push back the Atlantic ocean to secure the World’s purest diamonds. In the ocean, ship-based crews are sucking ore-bearing soil from the gullies, to raise the once-Kimberley-based diamonds to the surface.

The history of this special place and the diamonds that are mined here, stretches back 100 years, when Joseph Lewala found the first diamond in 1908.

Back to the photo, where we can see the various sports fields in the village, two of which doubled up as training rooms for the wonderfully inclusive Celebrating Humanity Diversity Team building programme – Sida !Nans (Nama/ Damara for Our team).

We will always be grateful for the opportunity to work with the people of Namdeb Diamond Mining Corporation!

Our company was, one of three, invited to submit proposals in October 2005. Two companies, one from South Africa and another from Windhoek – Namibia were also invited.

In June 2006, I presented the Celebrating Humanity programme, in Oranjemund. My journey, which included a personal fact-finding mission took 4 days – all in all- from Durban. And each of the companies had only 20 minutes for their presentations.

We were well looked after in this very self sufficient community and were delighted to be awarded the contract.

A new Training Manager, Pauline Thomas and AGM – Paul Sparks, took over the project and powerfully set us on track to begin an incredible transformational teambuilding program.

After a very successful pilot program it was decided that the programe would be facilitated for all 2900 Namdeb team members. The programme kicked off in late June 2007, with 2 teams. A week later our third team began training.

This was the first time that a training project of this magnitude was facilitated in Namdeb or by our team. And when all was said and done it was an incredible success. The T&D (Training and Development) team kicked into top gear and with their volunteer representatives from all areas of the mine, delivered teams to the training rooms day after day!

Within the greater group we had the opportunity to transform a number of conflicted teams. These were not office conflicts – although the program works equally well in any toxic team. The teams that we worked with highly stressed and again it took us a mere 24 hours, over three days to guide them to remove the team conflicts.  And they are still going well, now.

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