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Brian Moore - Dusi Peacemaker
Dusi Peacemaker

Founder of Celebrating Humanity International, Diversity Training in South Africa and Transformational Teambuilding (Pty) Ltd. Brian V Moore – is well-known both locally and internationally as a speaker, and diversity training, transformational team building, Emotional Freedomand team conflict resolution specialist.

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Community Builder Award from Desmond Tutu.
Brian V Moore with Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

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He has extensive diversity training, team building, workplace conflict resolution and speaking experience in South Africa, Namibia, Swaziland, Zambia,

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Brian V Moore

USA and UK.

He is able to greet in over 100 languages, and speaks 6 and has consistently developed his knowledge of diversity through actual experience and continuous learning.

His unique adaptability and project management skills have ensured facilitation success in major and minor projects, in different areas, and countries, with many different personalities and cultures, and a wide variety of organisations – with many different needs.

WCommunity Builder Award from Desmond Tutu.riter, Speaker and Director – Brian V Moore – was recognised by Archbishop Desmond Tutu for developing peace on the course of the Dusi Canoe Marathon.

He is multi-lingual – speaking English, Afrikaans, IsiZulu and a number of other Nguni languages. He is currently learning Shona and Italian.

He has many years experience working amongst people of differing diversities.

Brian V Moore has a unique ability to engage, involve and unite people from any background. His skills in switching language, greetings and body language swiftly build relationships across diversity.

Known as the Peacemaker on the Dusi Canoe Marathon – for his work in bringing peace between canoeists and rural communities, during the 1990s. He was recognized for this work, by Archbishop Desmond Tutu with a Sanlam/Sunday Tribune Community Builder Award.

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Feedback re: Diversity Facilitators

  • Kobus Botha: “Very inspiring, delightful. These 2 people exactly knows how to work with people. They are truly people’s people. Fun and exciting.”
  • Danielle: “Thank you for showing, it’s okay to be the way I am! You are Wonderful people. Thanks. God Bless you and your family!!”
  • Theo Greef: “You’ve both inspired my life. YOU changed my life. I would like to travel with you and be involved in your programme and be a speaker one day. Thank you. Ke a leboga. God bless you.“
  • Helena Thirion: “ Thank you so much  for the programme. I’ve learned a lot to share with the different people. Learnt to help others and how they can help me. Learnt to share in a group. Was awesome to be with you. I enjoy the laughing sessions most. Thanks very much.”
  • Rosy Grant: “ Baie goed program. Ek het baie geleer. Julle is baie inspirerend en het my oe oopgemaak wat betref al die ander Kulture en respek vir myself soeveel as respek vir anders. Ek moet myself life he’ en “speak up” for myself. Baie dankie Brian en Arthie. Julle was baie goed.”

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