Diversity conflict, in the passageways.

When working in diverse companies, a lot of confusion can occur in the passageways. The more community-based cultures, will always try and walk around people who are in conversation. They have grown up to believe that one never breaks the human bond between people who are in conversation. It goes totally against everything, that they have learnt to do.

This means, that two people standing against opposite walls, whilst chatting, form an invisible human barrier. The passerby will invariably stop, and wait.

The natural, and very respectful option taken by those conversing, is to move further apart to open up the gap to let them through. This unfortunately just makes the invisible barrier wider.

What can be done, is to move to the same side of the passage. This has the effect of leaving a beautiful, safe gap, for them to respectfully pass through.

This can also be seen when two people are walking down the street. If they are walking, as they chat, with a big gap between them, the community-based person may end up walking in the street, to respect their communication

Simple little things like this, show your awareness and show your respect.

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