Some relevant questions from our clients.

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Q -Is the program interactive and exciting?
A – Most definitely Yes. There is NO death-by-PowerPoint! The programs are huge fun and very interactive! (Please see what our clients have to say.)

Q -Is this a group or team-based diversity program?
A – Yes – that is what makes it so successful!
We work with groups to ensure that diversity knowledge is learnt and shared through fun competitions and activities.

Q – Do we have to apologise for the past?
A – LOL! No. Celebrating Humanity programs, as is implied by the name, are a celebration of the humanity within your teams. The programs are non-judgemental, fun, exciting and immensely effective.

Q – Are any cultural, language or religious  groups singled out because of incidents from history?
A – Nope. We are focused on building a new South Africa where people can communicate, interact and work together in a spirit of unity.

Q – Can this program be used to build teams and resolve conflict?
A – Most definitely! We have cleared workplace and team conflict in Namibia, Zambia, Swaziland and across South Africa. It remains fun, and enjoyable and is highly sustainable in the long-term!

Q -Is it SAQA accredited?
A – No. Definitely not.

Firstly it is focused on building respect, understanding and interpersonal diversity within groups of people. It positively impacts the individual, as well as the group.

Secondly, our Celebrating Humanity programs are so unique that we feel that SAQA Unit Standards, are not the correct foundation for developing unity in South Africa. These standards are very prescriptive, outdated and history-based. They do not allow facilitators the latitude to develop your team members’ skills according to their actual needs.

Unite your teams through unique, fun & exciting diversity training