I am just a multi-cultural human being

Living as a multicultural human being is an incredible bonus.

Zulu garb with Arthie
Zulu garb with Arthie

I have been called a Catholic, a Christian, a Hindu, a Muslim, a White, a white Zulu, a white cockroach, a boer, an Englishman, a white Indian, an umlungu, a muzungu, an ngamla, a Rooinek, a “K”boetie and even a Soutie. And much, much more!

Yet I am free of all of that!

My journey has been very fortunate, and has helped to grow me as a multicultural African, South Africa and citizen of the World.

Born in Zambia of South African parents, I grew up speaking only English. At the age of 12 – I moved to South Africa.

My 6 yeaBabies Brian and Patr stay on a rural trading post gave me the opportunity to learn Zulu & a smattering of Xhosa. At boarding school I picked up the foundations of Afrikaans.

I later I became a peacemaker in rural Zululand, became a member of a Zulu tribe.

I was then blessed with a South-Africa born Hindu wife and became a strong part of her family.

This led me to uniting people of diverse backgrounds – in a highly divided South Africa and Namibia. Team building diverse teams in Zambia and Swaziland followed.

I  have now worked in the UK, USA with a brief session in Hong Kong. (I speak 6 languages and  greet in over 100 languages. This is a work in progress!)

Community Builder Award from Desmond Tutu.
Brian V Moore with Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

I find now that I “switch” to the languages, greetings, proverbs and body language of the people that I meet.

I have an awesome life through multi-culturism and never feel “alone” among people of other cultures, religions or nations.

I am free.



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