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The focus of these fun, enjoyable, inclusive, participative, non-threatening and effective diversity training© programs, speakers and services is to develop motivation, diversity skills and understanding, communication, relationships, unity, and respect within your teams.

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    Perfect as you are
  • All hands in
  • Together we are more.
    Team jump
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    Diversity, sharing, communicating and learniing.
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    Assessing learning styles
  • Unity in Diversity
    Team Unity demeonstration
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    Burning the past

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Unity in Diversity
Unity in Diversity

These unique interventions are a combination of diversity training, team building, relationship building and communication skills. It opens up your team to learn from each other and talk about issues of diversity very easily and builds the value seen in people. We believe that ’’At the level of respect, all people are equal”

There is a strong focus on getting your team exploring diversity, during the session and after the facilitators leave. In so doing, they will learn that they need each other and that all people add to each other in terms of skills, ability, knowledge and beliefs.

The fun, exciting, inclusive and non threatening processes ensure that we clear paradigms, build knowledge, respect and team work.

Diversity Training Testimonial
Testimonial for Diversity Training – Metix

Although the program is to be facilitated in English – Brian Moore – our lead facilitator speaks English, Afrikaans, isiZulu and is learning isiSwati, isiNdebele, isiXhosa, Italian and Shona. Together our team greets in at least 80 languages and are very culturally aware, and experienced.


In terms of BEE we are a Level 1 BEE provider with 100% Black Woman ownership and management.

Unite your teams through unique, fun & exciting diversity training