Diversity Programs Overview

Diversity training rules
At the level of respect, all people are equal!

These amazingly motivating Celebrating Humanity diversity training programs are guaranteed to have delegates enjoying the competitions, interactions, real life situations, understandings, accents and story-telling that are an integral part of the Celebrating Humanity methodology

Asizwane – through Jeff Thomas facilitates the Diversity Pilgrimage, a real-life diversity experience!

Celebrating Humanity programs are home-grown and designed and developed by Brian and Arthie Moore – these much-loved diversity interventions help people to break free of negative past paradigms and show them that it is easy to move forward together into a great united future!

These diversity interventions vary from in-house diversity processes, diversity talks, diversity shows, presentations, fun facilitated diversity training sessions to workplace conflict resolution programs.

Diversity Taster. ½ day

If time, or budget, are limited, This excellent and exciting morning, and/ or afternoon diversity training session will build basic diversity understanding, communication and motivation in a flash!

Eye Opener (Day 1) 1 day.

Motivate, inspire, delight and educate through this fun, exciting and effective diversity training program.
Build communication, diversity, relationships and inter-diversity problem-solving skills – whilst growing your team dynamics.

Foundation. 2 day

Take the Eye-Opener Diversity Programme to the next level – broaden the knowledge, deepen the relationship and grow your teams to a new level.

 Catalyst (Eye-Opener Day 2) 1 day.

Split the Foundation into two separate and different 1 day Eye-Openers and this is the second in the series.

Build the team, grow their interpersonal skills over a period of time.

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