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2 Day Transformational Teambuilding diversity training feedback, testimonials and photos.

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  • Ronel Meyer: “Thank you so much for an excellent training program provided. You are two very special and fun-filled people. We really feel like one big family now. I definitely learned a lot about myself and was able to be myself. In previous courses, I did not have the confidence to work in a team but with this course the atmosphere was great and made me want to participate and have fun with other people. Really, really great, thank you!! God bless you on the way forward!”
  • Jaco Cronje: “Die program is baie sinvol en hoogs aanbeveel vir almal in ‘n organisasie leer om mense reg te handeleer en sinvol saam te werk. Diversiteit wat reg bestuur word en reg aangewend word is slegs tot voorbeeld van kollegas en tot voordeel vir die maatskappy. Baie dankie vir die geleentheid. Sterkte met julle program.”
  • Bryan: “ The programme has really benefitted me in many ways because it taught me about different people’s backgrounds and values that might be not of importance to me but means alot to the person next to me. People come from other cultures but the same respect at the end is achieved. A Programme like this should be involved to all workers, because I think people on ground level should also know how other people’s cultures differ from theirs. Therefore more respect from either sides will occur.”
  • Mahlode Malava: “I have learnt to not judge people and immediately assume they will not understand my opinions and problems because of their race. The programme has taught me to open up and let people in and also interact with them better.”
  • Kobus Botha: “Very inspiring, delightful. These 2 people exactly knows how to work with people. They are truly people’s people. Fun and exciting.”
  • Danielle: “Thank you for showing, it’s okay to be the way I am! It’s a choice to work on my personality, as personality is not a choice! I wish more people take the time to “Respect!” I definitely will! You are Wonderful people. Thanks. God Bless you and your family!!”
  • Imulalo: “ This programme is very useful in helping people understanding that our diversity is not a bad thing. It helped me understand some things that I had always attributed to racism. It opened up my eyes to the cultural differences to things that are as simple as sitting down on a chair in someone’s office would result in conflict. The personality test showed me or highlighted the reasons why I always have conflicting relationships. The “what I like about you” process, helped me to see myself through other people’s eyes. I think that the whole exercise changed my life.”
  • Theo Greef: “I never understood myself in certain conditions or environments but I came to realise that in order to understand myself, I must understand other people first. In order to get optimum results this type of training is helpful in all aspects. Thanks. Arthie and Briand, you guys Rock!!”
  • Penelope Mohale: “I’m not the same person anymore. I know what to do now in my life. I know what I can do to grow in the direction I want which is being a leader. I would like to bring change in people’s life and help them to be better people. Now that I know who I am and understand the type of person I am, I would like to do that and would share this with other people. I would like to do this more, grow in it more. May you please keep in contact with me. You’ve both inspired my life. YOU changed my life. I would like to travel with you and be involved in your programme and be a speaker one day. Thank you. Ke a leboga. God bless you J “
  • Lynn-Marie Frylink: “ It taught me to treat every person in my team differently according to their personality and learning styles.”
  • Helena Thirion: “ Thank you so much Brian and Arthie for the programme. I’ve learned a lot to share with the different people. Learnt to help others and how they can help me. Learnt to share in a group. Was awesome to be with you. I enjoy the laughing sessions most. Thanks very much.”
  • Glen Mashabaphala: “I learned the importance of not judging and understand other people’s way of thinking and personalities. That everything bad/good works together for good. That working together despite our differences -white/black, we can achieve more on our personal/work place. Always keep an open mind, talk less and listen more. That it does not matter where you begin but what matters is how you finish. That we need to materialise our thoughts and learn as we go from mistakes.”
  • Rosy Grant: “ Baie goed program. Ek het baie geleer. Julle is baie inspirerend en het my oe oopgemaak wat betref al die ander Kulture en respek vir myself soeveel as respek vir anders. Ek moet myself life he’ en “speak up” for myself. Baie dankie Brian en Arthie. Julle was baie goed.”


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