Diversity Taster – 1/2 day sessions – Photos and Feedback

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Gauteng Provincial Legislature – Johannesburg City Hall, South Africa. 17th June 2014 Session 1 and 2 – 1/2 day Transformational Teambuilding – Diversity Training.

  • Nothile Dlamini – I would certainly recommend this training to people especially big corporate organisations. This training builds a workplace. It makes people understand the importance of diversity in the workplace as well as diverse thinking. I am happy to have attended this training. Keep up the good work Brian and Arthie. Beautiful stuff!!
  • Leo NdlovuThe programme was really educational. More of such programmes should be brought to the institution because I believe it creates a lot of understanding betwixt the workers.
  • Tsakani Chabalala – Very good workshop that opened my eyes about other cultures and understanding myself. It is good in the work environment because we will understand each other better.
  • Very informative workshop on diversity. I think GPL needs to conduct this training on a continuous basis. The presenter is very knowledgable of the content presented. Well done.
  • Mandla – It was a good session especially because it teaches all South Africa traditions and outside of South Africa.
  • Thungo Jabulani – The session was informative, it draws one’s attention to what I would not pay much attention to. The presenters proved that whether black or white, we are all human (considering their races and their relations to one and another.
  • Sizakele – The training was informative of other cultures. I wish they can train us more on how to handle different cultures in the workplace. Overall I enjoyed the training.
  • Awesome.
  • Esther Semtsomedi – Learnt different types of people – Visual/Kinesthetic type of people. Learnt a lot around cultures and greetings in different languages.
  • Nonkululeko Ntengo – It was a great experience and I would recommend that this programme should also be taken to schools. Thank you a lot for this programme, it has made me a different person and should also involve senior management.
  • Maggie – A learning session which I recommend to be rendered to all teachers, parents because there are incidents who can’t be attentive in class. I recommend it for Noorwyk Primary school as a grandmother or two handsome twin boys.
  • Thabelo –Interesting, Fun, Informative, exciting, important/necessary training.
  • Penwell Nhlapo – The Celebrating Humanity was so interesting and it did help me a lot concerning the behaviour at work including at home.
  • Thulani Milungo – It was a very informative session. Learned about different cultural behaviours, also learned about inter-relations between different languages.
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