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We salute our educators and their support teams, because of

School Diversity Training
Respect for All in Schools

whom future leaders, and indeed our future will be powerfully built!

If your educator and admin team  or learners are experiencing diversity, racism, prejudice, communication, teaching or learning challenges, we can fix that!

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We have had unbelievably exciting and fulfilling start to 2017, with educator and administrator diversity training, in Port Elizabeth, Pretoria and Johannesburg. It was interesting to see the diversity in the make-up of learners and educators, in the schools.

In one case, the learners were predominantly Xhosa, Shona, Ndebele, and various language groups from Nigeria. The educators are predominantly English and Afrikaans speaking. The support team was dominantly Afrikaans and Xhosa. This was causing a huge challenge.  Our two day programme helped to build the educator team.

In another case, the educators had a really awesome mix, of South African diversities. And the learners were dominantly from the many South African language groups. With a small and varied group from around Africa.

In the third school, the educator and admin group, crossed all local cultures. With educational levels varying from functionally illiterate to highly degreed. And the learners again, came from all of the above backgrounds.

The challenges facing learners and educators are intense – but with a focused programme, with the best diversity trainers in South Africa, the foundations can be laid for a great future for our teachers and learners,

Diversity training in schools, is critical. Within this diversity training there are many aspects to be covered, to:-

  1. Build teamwork, respect, relationships and communication.
  2. Grow skills in the areas of communication, problem solving, interpersonal communication, educational communication (there is a great diversity in learning styles and communication styles).
  3. Greater understanding of cultures, names and naming, clan names, traditions, religions, body language, beliefs, rites of passage, family structures and ancestral practices.
  4. Upskill Teaching Skills

As Diversity Trainers, we have learned tons about the challenges facing learners and teachers. We have also been able to share our experience in Teaching through Accelerated Learning – with educators – with the Celebrating Humanity experience.

Diversity Training in Schools.

2015 and beyond – saw a major upswing in racism, and perceptions of racism in the school system.

This kicked off with Pretoria Girls High – “Some teachers enforced the school’s hair policy without sensitivity. Black girls were randomly pulled out of assembly and told to “fix” their hair. ” News24. There was more to the challenge. Much came out enforcing old school rules – based on previously “White” schools. And some was simply racism.

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Handling Racism in schools

Although numerous schools in South Africa have been disrupted by prejudice, and accusations of prejudice – the answers and actions are quite simple – and amazingly non- threatening!

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The main challenge seems to be, that the incoming learners are, in many cases, from different backgrounds to the educators. As much as most educators have the needs, of the pupils, at heart – their unawareness of cultures, traditions, race and religions puts them at a distinct disadvantage.

Their understanding of learning, communication, teaching and relationships styles is equally a huge challenge!

This will and has, caused a lot of clashes. Many of which are unnecessary, and can be corrected through the celebrating humanity experience – an interactive, experiential school diversity training programme.

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