Some simple steps, to transform our nation.

The current wave, of prejudice and racism that is sweeping through our country, will not change until you and I act to make a difference.

I have put together, a series of simple steps, to change the way our people see each other.

There are many things, that we would do if we are interacting with people from another country. Each one of us can do them, if we are aware and are willing to be the difference, that makes the difference.

We have all learnt, the term Ubuntu. We now need to live it

Most of the lessons, have been taught to us, as children. All are based in respect. Yet, in our striving for success, we lose our way.

Are you willing, to change a nation through awareness and your positive actions? If so, know that it is easy. It starts with your intention, and your commitment to take action.

So what do we need to do? The first step, is to go beyond operating in our own languages and cultural norms. All people want to be respected, as do you. However, we all have different ways of feeling respected.

It all starts with a greeting.

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