Diversity Testimonials

Respect above All!

Diversity Training Testimonials.

The only way to really know whether a diversity intervention is successful, is to read, see or hear the comments of past delegates.

Brian V Moore (Speaker)

Speech on freedom from Racism – 2 7 August 2014

“I watched in awe this morning as Brian captivated the attention of over one thousand teenagers.  They watched and listened to him for fifteen minutes, and responded enthusiastically to each of his questions.

Few people have the unique ability to connect with an audience, as Brian does.

Brian’s parting words will remain with me for a long time:  “At the level of respect, all people are equal”.”

Sally Quinlan Bosch

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“The topic was one that encompassed everything that is going wrong in schools right now…racism amongst students that is affecting everyone!

I watched as the eyes of teenagers lit up as Brian began his speech, captivating them as he switched between many languages to connect with them at their own level. He kept them engaged and called them to change their lives, leaving them inspired and determined to do so.

It was wonderful to watch! Well done Brian.”

Arthie Moore

CEO – Celebrating Humanity International

Here a number of our clients offer their testimonials.






  • Evias Kufa-“This is a well developed program that i recommend to any RSA national to ensure that the prejudice between people of different races are conciliated so that a truly rainbow nation is created.”
  • Deon Boshoff-“A Great Program-thanks Brian and Arthie. An eye opening, insightful experience you will use at work optimizing relationships!!”
  • Brilliant Ndlovu-“If you want to break social barriers, “Celebrating Humanity” is a definite eye opener!”
  • Patricia-“I have learnt a lot about other people’s feelings. It helped me a lot about who i am and how do I need to act on becoming my best”
  • Karin Hoyer– “ Want to thank you for the day full of fun and seeing what is out there what all traditions is about. We can work as a team as everyone has a talent what can help each other to complete a task. And be successful in everything we take on in life and work together and not against each other.”
  • Audro Nel– “I believe the programme benefitted me to understand the reason why some people behave certain ways.
    Steven Marumo– “I wish such programmes could proceed in every months as we would prolong the knowledge of us.”
  • Yvette Gerber– “Thank you, The Celebrating Humanity program has been informative and the host and hostess presented it well. It has also been fun and interactive.”
  • Pierre du Preez- “I would highly recommend this program to anyone as it shows the beauty of diversity.”
  • Pieter Grobbelaar– “I would recommend this course to anyone as it will help build relationships in business and at home. It was a fantastic day and Brian and Arthie are very friendly and helpful.”
  • Andy Deminey– “I would sincerely recommend this programme to any company or individual, if you thought you knew a lot about your fellow South Africans and their cultures, come, attend this programme and you will surely see and learn much more than you think you know or understand. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!”
  • Frank Gunther– “Brian and Arthie are caring individuals who are helping not just your company, but the country as a whole. The programme that they provide assists people in understanding different cultures but more importantly different personality types while at the same time having fun.  By understanding more on this subject, one is able to develop relationships with colleagues and clients alike. I do not hesitate to recommend their great programme.”
  • Sipho Mokoena– “The programme has really benefitted me and my teams, it had taught me how to interact with different culture in the office, how to respect and understand others, also to understand diverse cultures. I can now interact better with other cultures.”
  • Bradley Nqumba– “I would recommend this programme because it promotes diversity in our country. Like Dr Mandela said, if one can speak your language you can probably do anything for them. It is quite fitting for our 20 years of democracy. AWSOME!!”






  •  Mary James – “I loved the programme! I loved the balance between fun and the more serious stuff.”

Gauteng Provincial Legislature – Johannesburg City Hall, South Africa. 17th June 2014 Session 1 and 2 – 1/2 day Diversity Training.

  • Nothile Dlamini – I would certainly recommend this training to people especially big corporate organisations. This training builds a workplace. It makes people understand the importance of diversity in the workplace as well as diverse thinking. I am happy to have attended this training. Keep up the good work Brian and Arthie. Beautiful stuff!!
  • Leo NdlovuThe programme was really educational. More of such programmes should be brought to the institution because I believe it creates a lot of understanding betwixt the workers.
  • Tsakani Chabalala – Very good workshop that opened my eyes about other cultures and understanding myself. It is good in the work environment because we will understand each other better.
  • Very informative workshop on diversity. I think GPL needs to conduct this training on a continuous basis. The presenter is very knowledgable of the content presented. Well done.
  • Mandla – It was a good session especially because it teaches all South Africa traditions and outside of South Africa.
  • Thungo Jabulani – The session was informative, it draws one’s attention to what I would not pay much attention to. The presenters proved that whether black or white, we are all human (considering their races and their relations to one and another.
  • Sizakele – The training was informative of other cultures. I wish they can train us more on how to handle different cultures in the workplace. Overall I enjoyed the training.
  • Awesome.
  • Esther Semtsomedi – Learnt different types of people – Visual/Kinesthetic type of people. Learnt a lot around cultures and greetings in different languages.
  • Nonkululeko Ntengo – It was a great experience and I would recommend that this programme should also be taken to schools. Thank you a lot for this programme, it has made me a different person and should also involve senior management.
  • Maggie – A learning session which I recommend to be rendered to all teachers, parents because there are incidents who can’t be attentive in class. I recommend it for Noorwyk Primary school as a grandmother or two handsome twin boys.
  • Thabelo –Interesting, Fun, Informative, exciting, important/necessary training.
  • Penwell Nhlapo – The Celebrating Humanity program was so interesting and it did help me a lot concerning the behaviour at work including at home.
  • Thulani Milungo – It was a very informative session. Learned about different cultural behaviours, also learned about inter-relations between different languages.


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