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This Diversity Training programme is fun,

#DiversityTraining is FUN!
Arthie Moore Facilitator
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non-threatening, non-judgemental and unifying. #DiversityTraining.

Exhilarating Learning technologies remove the need for boring lectures – through active team participation! It is also designed to build skills and understanding that can be used at home, professional and privately.

Your facilitators –  Brian Moore are multi-lingual and from diverse backgrounds. They bring a wealth of experience to the programme. (

Contact: Brian V Moore AKA Mthimkhulu
Mobile: +27 72 677 0208

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The programme aims to build:-

  • A safe, creative and respectful environment for building trust, relationships and pro-activity.
  • A professional, respectful & accountable team that can work effectively as a cohesive unit.
  • A deeper knowledge of, and skills to work with diversity, in your team/s.
  • Open and clear communication at all levels.
  • Skills to work with people from differing personalities and communications styles.
  • To build leaders and reduce the need to continuously manage your team
  • To clear underlying conflict.
  • People who are self motivated, feel valued & understand their diverse team members.

What to expect on the Celebrating Humanity International experience?

  • Fun, interactive competition based processes that include:
    • Loads of Music and laughter as we embark on a journey of understanding each through Language competitions, Drawing competition, team competitions
    • Team work games
    • Communication skills – Learning Styles, Personality types
    • Praise and honouring sessions
    • Problem/Solution interaction games
    • Diversity understanding etc.
    • Learning skills to improve the way we respect each other and adjust our behaviour to get better results.

Our clients include:

SABS – Secunda, Emperor’s Palace, Monte Casino, Assmang Chrome – Machadadorp, MCA – Zambia, Times² Academy, RI, USA, Nedbank, Standard Bank, Tsogo Sun,  FNB, Eskom, Bank of Zambia, De Beers Group, RCI, Reuters, University of Cape Town and Sasol – Secunda.


Marc Michel – Workshop Manager

“Our organization was facing a serious challenge: the German mother-company was putting the South African production unit under constant stress to implement change at a faster pace.

How do you combine German discipline, forward planning and hard work with the more multi-cultural-prized relationship-based way of working in Kwa-Zulu-Natal? The pressure was starting to erode the relationship within the team, tension was building up as the nerves were more and more blank.

The Management team was losing its unity as the pressure was putting every one’s character in a corner that wasn’t his. We needed a solution. We were looking for someone to re-unite the team, to give us again a common ground.

I grew up in France from a French father and an American mother, worked a long deal of my professional life in Germany before coming out to South África. From my experience in similar situations, we needed a team building exercise, but a special one. It should have a special local flavor, definitively avoid the “not invented here syndrome”. It should be fun, based on understanding the one common thing we all have: cultural difference.

In our team, we are all from different backgrounds. It is a lot more than the Germany influence on the South African way of working.

So this is where Brian and Arthie came along, as if they have been waiting all this time to assist us with solving our problems. Like the needle that finds the sore muscle, the experience of team finding and building experience was exactly what we needed. It was professional, it was fun, it was loaded with energy and it made us understand that a team is only as strong as it is diversified.

Well done Brian and Arthie, thank you for this truly special experience!”

Jill Derderian, Consul General, US Consul. Durban – South Africa.

“On behalf of “Team U.S.” from the U.S. Consulate General in Durban, I write to extend our appreciation to the entire Celebrating Humanity International team for an unparalleled experience in cultural sensitization and team-building! The two-day session with Celebrating Humanity International made our diverse team stronger and more supportive of one another.

We have participated in team-building activities for the past several years, but many of my colleagues told me that Celebrating Humanity International’s program was by far the most meaningful and most effective in fostering good communication, mutual respect, and a strong spirit of cooperation among our multi-cultural staff– “exactly what was needed” in the words of one staff member.

Jay Balwanth, Deputy Head : Finance, Ethekwini Municipality – Durban, RSA
“Brian is a committed individual who runs his diversity workshops with passion and energy. He’s a guy who makes you feel good in his company. Highly recommended.”

Martin Pitick, Owner, Liquid-X Ltd, Nottingham – UK

“Believe me when I tell you that Brian devotes his life to bringing people together to enable individuals, groups and organisations to reach the goals they aspire to through higher understanding. I speak from personal experience, Brian’s work is nothing short of phenomenal.”

Leon Grove, Clinical Psychologist, Leverage & Growth (colleague)

“Brian and Arthie run a fabulous business. I learnt so much from attending his course on Diversity. I remember that he speaks 11 languages and uses all of them in a humerous and dynamic way. Try out his courses, you will not be disappointed. Doc Groovy”

Sue Hall – Sue Hall and Associates – Pietermaritzburg, RSA (client)

 “Brian and Arthie have worked with me on numerous occasions building teams through gaining greater understanding and acceptance of one another on a holistic level. There were times when attitudes were so hard and fast that I thought it would be an impossible task to create teams within groups of people that we were working with, but Brian and Arthie with incredible insight and genuine humanity was able to find the chink in the armour and break down barriers that had been built and protected for decades.

From those tenuous and fragile beginnings, many teams soared to great heights achieving outstanding results. I am forever indebted to their excellent work.”

From Mowana – Johannesburg – June 2016

(Zizamele) I am happy to have been granted a chance to attend this. It is open my eyes to so many things that I didn’t know. It made me interact with people of different races and languages.

If companies in South Africa had such training for the companies, we would be a different country at a different time.

(Sihle Hlatsheni) this is a very eye-opening program that motivates people to be open to other people’s cultures. It teaches you to appreciate other cultures and peoples’ differences.

(Refilwe) thank you for everything!

(Bukiwe) this is a very good program. It helps a lot to share, connecting and knowing each other.

(Sipelo Qwesha) great program that improves your communication skills, and gives you better understanding of humankind.

(Louise – Ntnl Retail Manager) I would really recommend the diversity program as it is a great motivator. Promotes teambuilding and humanity. The whole team felt very positive and the interaction also adds to the integration.

(Roshina Rajkumar) truly an enjoyable day. I learned a lot about myself and the people around me. Everyone, if they had a chance should definitely embark upon this workshop. It is truly a beneficial experience.

(Thandi Tlomo – Regional Facilities Mgr) Dear Brian and Arthie. Keep it up. You have taught us motivation in the most easiest, yet strong way. I will never forget these lessons. The reinforcements, the experience that I gained in just one day was great! Thank you for your patience and understanding. The huge class was disciplined, through your thoroughness in your instruction and respect. Kind regards, Thandi Tlomo.

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Contact: Brian V Moore AKA Mthimkhulu
Mobile: +27 72 677 0208

WhatsApp/ or call us on +2772 677 0208
Please add your phone number. We will call you.



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