The Incredible Relevance of Names and Naming

Team members often do not take the time to learn, or pronounce a colleague’s name. This is hugely divisive, as my article will show…


Brian Moore

The Incredible Relevance of Names and Naming:

“It is amazing how something as simple as a name has the potential for uniting or alienating people. A greater understanding of how and why people are named, and the relevance of names, may assist in improving respect and thereby relationships. Brian Moore, of Mthimkhulu International, co-creator of the Celebrating Humanity program, takes a brief look at this topic.

People from European ancestry generally select names for their children from lists of names, currently popular names, family names or after friends. Often the names of currently famous people are chosen for the new-born, for example soccer supporters may choose David – for David Beckham, and a girl may be called Davidia! Other more ‘New Age’ families may choose names from nature, such as ‘Storm’ or ‘Sky’. Or, to secure the child’s future, names such as ‘Peace’ or ‘Amor….'”

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