The Primer – In-house, economical Diversity process

The Primer© In-house diversity competition, fun and prize-driven.

You will literally feel the excitement in the offices and the corridorsdiversity9 as your team members track each other down – looking for answers from their colleagues – in their efforts to win prizes.

Your team members will know each other better, have a better idea of diversity and will know who to talk to when they need tips on how to work with people from diverse backgrounds!

The Primer© is a very economical and non-time consuming diversity training process which is a great stand-alone diversity intervention, or a great lead into more team-based diversity sessions. Team members can complete the Primer in their own time.

This process is used to get team members to communicate across diversities and build their diversity knowledge and interaction.

As the answers to most questions lie hidden within your team members – it makes sense to get them asking questions and sharing. Through listing their “helpers” – they create a diversity database – for future reference.

The Primer brings a sense of fun and curiosity, pride in diversity, whilst uniting people from all backgrounds, levels and departments.

The Primer personally covers areas of culture, tradition, family structures, proverbs, ancestry, general knowledge, sport, history, religions, key cultural and traditional, food, concepts, languages and greetings.

The accelerated learning process utilises the 5 SAVI learning aspects. (Fun – with Sensory, Auditory, Visual and Intellectual). This ensures life-long learning.

The process is prize and competition driven. The participating company offers a prize/ prizes for the best – correctly completed and coloured in Primers.

The final selection of the winners would then be based on which finalists have the most contacts listed on their entries.

The better the prizes – the bigger the excitements and involvement. At Mercedes Daimler – the winner was offered 1 week use of the latest Pajero! This was only one of the many prizes!

All drawings then go back to the entrants so that they can use their “diversity databases.”

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