Welcome, respected and included. 10 Steps to Diversity and Inclusion.

Welcome, respected and included.

My 26 year journey, through many cultures and workplace diversity training, has taught me that people just want to feel welcome, be part of the team and be respected for who they are.

No-one wants to be separated by gender, language, education, race, age, religion, level or any other so-called “difference.”

This is what diversity & inclusion is all about. Here are 10 simple to change the way people feel at work.

  1. Get to know yourself and know your people.
  2. Learn how others respect. Lead respect. Show respect – as others wish to be respected.
  3. Stop classifying and judging.
  4. Open communication. Ask, listen and share – there are great lessons to be had.
  5. Include your current team and add more diverse people to your team.
  6. Grow diversity understanding and team work.
  7. Create an inclusive environment and resources, for all.
  8. Inclusively develop an inclusive code of conduct, for all to manage.
  9. Lead and grow unity – by acting upon a diversity and inclusion strategy.
  10. Keep on training, learning, experiencing and growing yourself and your team.

This will build your team, your organisation and contribute to the stability and growth of your nation.

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