Workplace Conflict Resolution

Workplace Conflict Resolution does not need to be painful, directed at the “problem people” or a hard grind of bitter negotiations.

Dance relieves stress
Dance relieves stress

We make it fun, focused and effective! It is without a doubt the greatest and most sustainable diversity team build and workplace conflict resolution program that you will ever experience!

Our facilitators almost magically work with their deep and sensitive knowledge of diversity and human nature, to delight and sensitize your team, whilst clearing interpersonal challenges and setting up a team-managed code of conduct.

This is what some of our clients have to say:-

Testimonial from Mary James – Director of LETCEE – 7 June 2014

Two days with Celebrating Humanity International resulted in a miraculous change in the organisation.

I had personally contacted Brian from a place of desperation. Personal clashes, bullying and an intolerance of difference was threatening to destroy LETCEE. The lack of cohesion resulted in poor performance and communication.

Since the programme there is a new energy within the group. The sense of belonging and pride in the organisation has created a strong team and a desire to work together. The passion for our work is tangible.

LETCEE Logo 1Already we are seeing the team take responsibility for solving problems and sorting out our personal clashes. Individuals have taken on responsibility for task that they have previously avoided and there is a willingness to share and help one another.

The two days were without doubt the best investment of time and money that LETCEE has made.

Thank you for delivering the miracle you promised!

Christelle Lubbe – Kranskop. I can say with hundred percent honesty that we no longer look at people in the same way as we use to, the judgement factor that was programmed into us from birth was gone. Diversity was no longer a challenge for us but rather normal, fear for the unknown was gone and most important we got our voices.

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